The helipad


The current landing site

At the moment, air ambulances taking patients to QMC land at Highfields Playing Fields, opposite the University of Nottingham’s University Park campus. Patients then complete their journey to QMC by road.

The roads that the land ambulance must use to get to the hospital are extremely busy at times. This means it can take up to 20 minutes for air ambulance patients to arrive at QMC after the helicopter has landed.

We need an onsite helipad at QMC because:

  • A potential transfer time of up to 20 minutes is too long for major trauma patients, who urgently need specialist hospital treatment
  • A prolonged road transfer can be uncomfortable for the patient and poses a higher risk of medical complications
  • Current arrangements mean that the air ambulance is delayed from going back into service straightaway, as the on-board doctor goes with the patient to QMC. The helicopter crew have to wait for the doctor to return before they can take off again.


The new onsite helipad

The new helipad will be built on top of a new multi-storey car park* that’s part of a wider development of the QMC campus. The car park will be next to the Circle Treatment Centre, adjacent to the ring road and behind the main QMC building.

A lift will take patients from the top of the car park to a special ambulance bay on the ground floor. The lift will be isolated from general use when the air ambulance is on its way, so it will be ready when the patient arrives. A dedicated land ambulance will then drive the patient to the Emergency Department (ED).

* Please note that the £3 million fundraising target for the Saving Lives Helipad Appeal does NOT include the cost of building the new car park, which will be government-funded.

Find out more

Please read our FAQs to find out more about the new helipad.